Ine, 24, Belgium, highschool teacher (history/English/Dutch & apparently German)

I ♥ books & movies & Tyler Hoechlin

Apparently I'm a Little Leprechaun and a CAPS-TWEETING PERV
both of which are actually true

This month’s obsessions:
Reign, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
SPN, Arrow, Tomorrow People
TVD, Originals,
Vikings, Spartacus, Nagron
Cut & Run series, Ty & Zane
Chicago Fire
Les Mis

and shitloads more

My FANDOMS are numerous and my SHIPS are legion.
follow the links if you want to know what else I post

I also review books & movies

I will post whatever strikes my fancy at the moment:

every summer my blog turns into a Teen Wolf appreciation blog. just saying


right now, in my life…

Once Upon a Time

Snow & Charming

Graham & Emma

Hart of Dixie


The Vampire Diaries



(and I used to really love this show, but lately… not so much. Sorry for those who do still like it)

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